A new era of cloud computing provides a scalable, efficient, universal, redundant and collaborative way of accessing information and WaoCloud will keep your business in the leading edge of technology while making it simple and affordable to run your business applications and telephony services on the cloud.
Cloud computing is the new trend for businesses looking to expand their infrastructure, protect their mission critical business applications and expand their technology footprint without major capital expenditure. Cloud can also guarantee your business continuity and solidify your disaster recovery plans. Whether your business servers require an upgrade or your operating systems are no longer supported, you need to have a cloud strategy in order to mitigate risks, security threats, ransomware or plan around natural disasters. You can choose how much cloud you need (a simple backup or complete migration) and simply focus on your core business. Migrating your mission critical applications or leveraging the unlimited resources of cloud technology makes sense now more than ever.

WaoCloud unifies your company’s technology and communications.  Make an Appointment now and take advantage of our free initial consultation.




  • Backup, disaster recovery, cloud migrations
  • Voice Services
  • Paperless automation and digitalization
  • Virtual Servers
  • Fiber construction design
  • IT Consulting