About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make business critical data available real-time from any device into the boundless, scalable and efficient world of cloud computing.

Keys to Success

Our success starts from the top.  Alex brings fair, ethical and honest dealings with an extensive portfolio of business experience.  In Puerto Rico, a business with experience in financing day-to-day operations successfully and provides excellent customer service is guaranteed success. WaoCloud brings years of experience in IT consulting, partner relationships and addresses a fundamental need of any business owner looking to lower expenses.  WaoCloud will help you increase your business productivity and lower your expenses, that is success for your business.

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Our story begins with the son of two hard working immigrants looking for the american dream in Puerto Rico. After graduating high school in 1987 and in search for purpose and independence, this young man joined the Navy, served six years as an Electronics Technician and traveled the world fixing radars, communications equipment and mainframe computers for the government. He settled in Florida, gained a lot of experience in client server wide area networks and helped business owners with the implementation of voice, data and IP solutions.

After 25 years of being away, he married a business woman with 20 years of experience also in telecommunications and moved back to Puerto Rico. All of the experience he gained in computers and telecommunications would be put to the test as he faced the challenges of his wife’s telecommunications business JAF Communications (www.jafcom.net), a high volume construction and installations powerhouse.

JAF would become the test tube and birth of WaoCloud; the perfect place to implement new technologies in order to lower expenses and increase productivity. The business had multiple warehouses geographically located around the island and email for the main office only with an HP server running Exchange 2003. Some of the solutions implemented were:

  • A Virtual Private Network among the offices gave birth to inventory automation and remote printing capabilities.
  • The migration to Voice over IP and dedicated Internet circuits from a four analog line and DSL gave way to a dispatch call center for JAF installers and contractors.
  • The implementation of various web based applications gave field supervisors the ability to speed up the overall invoicing workflow, tracking and provide task accountability.
  • Computer software to provide employee accountability with their use of computer resources, idle time and protection of proprietary data from being sent via email or downloaded to flash drives.
  • A mobile application that organizes work order documents, tracks field personnel by reporting GPS coordinates and pictures of construction and inspection sites.
  • The implementation of a highly sophisticated document imaging solution where JAF was able to scan hundreds of work orders and documents every week and fully automate data entry, document storage and document retrieval.
  • The migration to Office 365 gave company executives and field personnel the ability to access email and information from anywhere thru any internet enabled device.

WaoCloud was born of these needs and implementations. A way for business owners to achieve higher productivity and save their business thousands by decreasing work force and being more efficient. While there are many ways of achieving efficiency through technology, WaoCloud has developed different packages that simplify the most common tasks and gives you an affordable solution.