Business Solutions


We are a Veeam Cloud Service Provider, VMware Cloud Partner Program, Fortinet partner and Microsoft Cloud Service Provider. We assist and data continuity over any virtual, physical and cloud environment and provide solutions that work on any cloud, any app, any device. We are hardware vendor and cloud agnostic. Some of our bundles are:


  • Personalized Corporate email package (Office 365 Business Essentials License)
  • Server and Workstation Backups with 1TB of cloud storage
  • Each user receives 50 GB email storage, 1 TB OneDrive for Business storage
  • HD video conferencing
  • Training
  • Migration
  • Support


  • Always the Latest Office Suite on your devices & online (Office 365 Business License)
  • Server and Workstation Backups with Disaster Recovery RTO<15 minutes
  • 1 TB storage OneDrive for Business storage
  • VM or bare metal backup (<1 day RPO)
  • Training
  • Migration
  • Support


  • Personalized Corporate email package (Office 365 Business Premium License)
  • Always the Latest Office Suite on your devices & online
  • Email Encryption
  • Ransomware Protection
  • VMware software as a service for virtualization and hybrid cloud implementation
  • VM or bare metal backup with 3TB of snapshot cloud storage (real-time RPO and 15 minute RTO)
  • Each user gets 50 GB email storage, 1 TB storage
  • Security and Compliance
  • Training
  • Migration
  • Support


While business phone systems are a great way to handle your office communications, hosted voice solutions are becoming the most popular because of the flexibility and plug-and-play functionality of Voice over IP.

WaoCloud has partnered with Nextiva in order to offer WaoVoice.  Imagine a communications solution that you can use from your work computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone with only one phone number and one single interface for returning missed calls, voicemail delivered to your email, video conferencing, conference bridge and auto attendant. Act now and make an Appointment with a WaoGuru to learn more about WaoVoice.


Office Pro Package

  • Advanced Call Management
  • Unlimited Calls PR and US
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Unlimited Virtual Faxing
  • Shared Call Appearance
  • HD Music on Hold


Office Enterprise Package

  • Everything Office Pro Package has plus
  • Conference Bridge
  • Mobile App
  • Team Presence
  • Call Recording
  • Silent Call Barging
  • Attendant Console
  • Voice Toolbar for Microsoft and IE call pickup

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WaoRecovery gives you the peace of mind that your servers and mission critical applications will never cease to operate during any equipment failure, ransomeware, power outage or natural disaster with a 15 minutes or less failover guarantee. You can rest easy knowing that your operation will continue to operate no matter the circumstances. Make an Appointment with a WaoGuru and ask us how we can help you make your business and mission critical applications bullet proof.


Server virtualization provides an efficient and cost effective way of seggregating business applications that require dedicated server environments into multiple partitions on the same physical server. The result is a highly available, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that is highly scalable and efficient.

WaoServer provides a virtual server environment for your business. Although we are partners with HPE, Dell, Nutanix and Lenovo in order to provide you with on-premise servers, we can also show you options that don’t require the purchase of any hardware or worry about backups anymore. Whether you are in the market for a new server or have the need to migrate all of your business critical applications to the cloud, make an Appointment with a WaoGuru today and explore all of your options.


Most businesses require a physical location to conduct business and the more employees, servers and computers you have, the more bandwidth you will need to access the internet.  DSL and cable have great internet speeds but sometimes you need guaranteed bandwidth, quality and scalability.  While you can contact your internet service provider and ask for all of your options in order to achieve your growing internet needs, bringing fiber to your doorstep will yield the best results.  Your provider usually will try and lock you into a long term contract and could charge you installation fees and higher monthly fees to subsidize their costs to bringing fiber to your business.

WaoFiber give you an option to connect the service provider of your choice via fiber to you and not have to commit to a long term contract or higher monthly service charges.  Make an Appointment with a WaoGuru to learn how to negotiate better terms with your internet service provider, design a fiber route and coordinate all of the construction therefore keeping you in control.


WaoGuru – definition: an experienced professional with entrepreneurial skills and technical know how to help your business become more productive and efficient with technology solutions readily available or customized to your needs and budget.